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X-Type Cationic Dyes Tell You The Application Of Dyes

Aug 16, 2017

     cationic dyes are special dyes for polyacrylonitrile fibers. cationic dyes in the manufacturing process usually use zinc chloride to precipitate precipitation, the content of zinc in the commodity is very high, generally in $number. Etad clearly stipulates that zinc is one of the heavy metals to be controlled in dyes, so the development of environmental-friendly cationic dyes is mainly the problem of zinc in dyes. Through technical renovation, the new manufacturing technology is no longer used zinc chloride, but instead of other environmentally and ecologically harmless precipitation agents, so that the cationic dyes in line with environmental protection dyes requirements, zinc-free cationic dyes.X-Type Cationic Dyes
     The understanding of dyes, the problem of environmentally friendly dyes There are a lot of manufacturers, especially dye users there is a misunderstanding that the azo dyes are not environmentally friendly dyes. Not really. It is a dye that contains 22 kinds of dye intermediates that contain carcinogenic substances or that are carcinogenic.X-Type Cationic Dyes
      According to the nature of fiber selection of dye various fiber because of its own nature, in the dyeing need to choose the appropriate dye. For example, cotton fiber dyeing, because its molecular structure contains a lot of hydrophilic hydroxyl, easy to absorb and puffing, can react with the reactive group chemical reaction, and more alkali-resistant, it can choose Direct, reduction, vulcanization, ice dye and reactive dyes dyeing. X-Type Cationic Dyes
     Polyester hydrophobic strong, high temperature does not alkali, under normal circumstances should not choose the above dye, but should choose disperse dyes for dyeing. According to the dye use choice dyes because of the different uses, so the dyed finished product fastness requirements are also different. For example, the cloth used for curtains is not often washed, but to be often exposed to the sun, so when dyeing, should choose a high fastness to sunburn dyes. As the underwear and summer wear light-colored fabric dyeing, due to frequent washing, sun, so should choose washable, sun-resistant, perspiration fastness to a higher dye.X-Type Cationic Dyes
     According to the dye cost selection of dyes in the selection of dyes, not only from the shade and fastness, at the same time to consider the dye and the cost of auxiliaries, sourcing and so on. If the high price of dyes, should be considered as far as possible to dye the same effect of other dyes to substitute, to reduce production costs. The choice of dyes in the color when the need to spell color, the selection of dyes should pay attention to their composition, solubility, color fastness, dyeing rate and other properties. Because of the different dyeing properties of all kinds of dyes, dyeing effect is often affected by the difference of temperature, solubility and dyeing rate. Therefore, when making the color, we must select the dye with similar performance, and the more close the better, this can be conducive to process conditions control, dyeing quality stability.X-Type Cationic Dyes