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Water Solubility Of X-Type Cationic Dyes

Sep 06, 2017

    Cationic dye is a kind of water-soluble dye, its aqueous solution can be ionized to produce the colored ions with the positive charge, can dye on the polypropylene eye fiber (for short). Cationic dyes are produced with the development of the petrochemical industry. In the early 50, with the advent of polypropylene wax fiber, the company has developed and produced a dedicated polypropylene fiber dyeing cationic dyes.X-Type Cationic Dyes
    China in the early 60, through the production of manufacturers, institutions of higher learning and scientific research units, the joint efforts to create a certain production capacity of cationic dyes base, to fill the gaps in the domestic cationic dyes. cationic dyes before the world, people with alkaline dyes dyed polypropylene eye fiber. In addition to the individual varieties, most alkaline dyes fastness and other dyeing performance is not ideal, so developed a new type of alkaline dyes, specifically for the dyeing of polypropylene fiber.X-Type Cationic Dyes
     For the difference between the old alkaline dye, it is called cationic dye. In the "Dye Index" (Colour index), these two dyes are classified as alkaline dyes (b-ASIC dyes) type. The development of cationic dyes in China is roughly three stages: the first generation of cationic dyes produced in the early 60 is characterized by bright colors and excellent dyeing fastness. X-Type Cationic Dyes
    To the 70 's, the second generation of X-type cationic dye, which in the original dye based on the expansion of the spectrum range, while paying attention to the improvement of dyeing properties, especially considering the compatibility of dye ternary color. In the late 70, a third-generation M-type cationic dye was produced, and the dye was good, which was called the cationic dye, which could be applied to the dyeing of various types of polypropylene wax fibers. Recent´╝îX-Type Cationic Dyes