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Wastewater Treatment Of X-Type Cationic Dyes

Oct 27, 2017

Cotton, wool, chemical fiber and other textiles in the dyeing process will produce printing and dyeing wastewater. Textile printing and dyeing industry has been China's industrial pollution large, its wastewater volume, chroma, water quality changes, ph change, organic pollutant content is high, the composition of complex, has become today's environmental 

protection industry recognized as one of the refractory industrial wastewater treatment.X-Type Cationic Dyes 

With the rapid development of the dye industry, such as PVA slurry, rayon soap and a large number of new additives, the large number of refractory organic compounds into the water, increasing the difficulty of wastewater treatment.X-Type Cationic Dyes

The Floatation method uses highly dispersed micro-bubbles as carriers to adhere to the suspended solids in the wastewater, so that the density is smaller than the water and floats to the water to achieve separation. The flotation method can be used to separate the ions in water from solids, solids and liquids, liquids and liquids and even solutes. Compared with other water treatment methods, air floatation has the following advantages: The air flotation equipment occupies less land, saves the investment, the treatment effect is good, the effluent quality is good; The cationic dye cationic red X-GRL was used as the target pollutant by using anionic surfactant 12 alkyl benzene sulfonate as the capture agent, and the influence of factors such as aeration rate, pH, surfactant concentration and liquid loading on the removal rate was studied.X-Type Cationic Dyes

Under alkaline condition, it is helpful to sdbs the anion, and with the increase of OH in aqueous solution, the better the dissociation effect. This is due to the fact that Cr X-GRL cation is not stable with OH in solution, but Cr X-GRL can still be well ionized, so oh will not affect Sdbs association with CR X-GRL. In alkaline conditions, the gas floatation is better than that in acidic conditions.X-Type Cationic Dyes

Gas flow is an important parameter in the process of air floatation, which plays an important role in the removal efficiency. The increase of gas flow can increase the interface area, which is beneficial to the separation of solute. The lower gas flow can get a higher separation factor, because the lower gas velocity can reduce the amount of liquid in the foam, and the gas velocity is too high, the amount of foam increases, and the increase in foam makes it less in the beaker, resulting in a decline in the decolorization rate and enrichment ratio.X-Type Cationic Dyes