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Washing Fastness

Dec 16, 2016

Dyed fabrics under conditions laid down in the degree of fading after the SOAP in the SOAP solution, including as is fading and staining two white cloth. As fade fade before and after was soaping of dyeing fabrics. Staining is white and has white cloth dyeing and sewing them together, after washing, dyeing and fading and staining the white cloth.

Wash fastness and dye the chemical structures and dyes fibers combined with State-related. In addition, wash fastness and dye concentration soaping, staining process, conditions and so on.

Washing fastness testing conditions constitute the fibers of the fabric, and common washing temperature can be divided into 40 ° c, 60 ° c and 95 ° c three (each dye factory has its own specific wash temperature). Test after test, washing, drying, the samples that use "grey fade sample cards," according to the standard set by the State. Soaping is divided into five levels, one level is the worst, five best, staining is also divided into five levels, levels of staining the worst, five levels for free.