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The Tendency Of X-Type Cationic Dyes

Oct 18, 2017

With the increasingly stringent waste water discharge standards and rising water costs, people are pressing for the development of sewage resources technology, and gradually look to the depth of treatment and reuse of dye-containing wastewater. The ion exchange membrane is a polymer functional membrane or a separation membrane having a selectively transmissive reticular structure, and is also referred to as an ion selective permeable membrane mainly by the selective permeability of its ion exchange group. The ion exchange membrane has the advantages of high separation efficiency, low energy consumption and less pollution, so it has important application value in many aspects.X-Type Cationic Dyes

The adsorption of cationic red X-GTL on cation exchange membrane was studied from the aspects of adsorption conditions and adsorption kinetics. The adsorption and desorption properties of cation exchange membranes under different conditions were compared. The results show that the adsorption process mainly occurs in the first 20 min, which conforms to the pseudo-second-order kinetics model. The adsorption process can better describe the adsorption process. The addition of inorganic salt Nas0 in the dye solution has a certain effect on the adsorption, with anhydrous ethanol and chlorination Sodium solution to desorption, the desorption rate of up to 94%, and the cation exchange membrane is very good re-use.X-Type Cationic Dyes

Material cation exchange membrane, cation red x. GTL, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, potassium thiocyanate, methanol, anhydrous ethanol (both analytical grade). Take a diameter of 50mill cation exchange membrane disc, washed with deionized water to wash 10rain, remove the membrane surface impurities, put the oven drying, weighing. The membranes were placed in 40mL different concentrations of dye solution, under different conditions of constant temperature oscillation adsorption.X-Type Cationic Dyes

The cation exchange membrane was equilibrated in the dye solution (40 mL, 100 mg / L), and 40 mL of different concentrations of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, potassium thiocyanate, methanol and methanol were put at 25 ° C and pH 7 Ethanol mixed solution for 20min, sampling, with UV-visible spectrophotometer determination of the maximum absorption wavelength of the absorbance of absorbance, according to the standard working curve to get the dye concentration in the dye.X-Type Cationic Dyes