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The Economic Impact Of Dyes(2)

May 28, 2018

Total amount of control eliminated

The total amount of control and backward elimination have very important significance for the recent and long-term development of the Chinese dye industry. The annual output of dyestuffs in China has reached 700,000 tons. The high dye production in such a country or region has no such high proportion in the history of dyestuff industry development. This will inevitably bring about over-capacity, environmental pressure and energy pressure, so eliminating backward production capacity is imperative. Under the crisis situation, the market has shrunk and it is inevitable for the market to reshuffle. We must make the advantages of the enterprise bigger and stronger by adjusting the corporate structure, accelerating industrial upgrading, integrating industry resources, and carrying out mergers and reorganizations. Only when joint forces have strength, can there be stamina for joint efforts and joint development. In the process of reform and opening up, a large number of private dye companies have been nurtured and developed. In the baptism of the current crisis, it is certain that a large group of dyestuffs with strong overall strength, high market share, own national brands, and independent intellectual property technology will be able to be produced.