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Tell You The Classification Of Dyes About SD-Type Cationic Dyes

Jun 08, 2017

  Dye can be classified according to the nature of the dye and its application.SD-Type Cationic Dyes

According to the state points: water-based colorant oily color water-based color oil essence

According to the use of points: ceramic paint pigment paint textile pigment plastic pigments

By Genes: Natural Dyestuffs Dyestuffs Dyestuffs Dyestuffs Synthetic Dyes (also known as Artificial Dyes)

According to the nature of the dye and the application of points: Direct dye insoluble azo dyes Reactive dyes Reducing dyes Soluble reduction dyes Sulfide dyes Vulcanized dyes Phthalocyanine dyes Oxidative dyes Polycrystalline disperse Dyes Acid dyes Acidic media and acid Dominated media Alkaline and cationic dyes

Direct dyes: This type of dye can be directly dyed on cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other fibers without having to rely on other chemicals. Its dyeing method is simple, complete chromatography, low cost. But its washability and light fastness is poor, such as the use of appropriate post-processing methods, can improve the fastness of dyeing products. Chromium - containing gold - dye pigments - reactive pigmentsSD-Type Cationic Dyes

Also known as reactive dyes. This type of dye is a new type of dye developed in the 1950s. Its molecular structure contains one or more active groups, under appropriate conditions, can react with the fiber to form a covalent bond. It can be used for cotton, linen, silk, wool, viscose fiber, nylon, vinylon and other textile dyeing.

Sulfide Dye: Most of these dyes are insoluble in water and organic solvents, but can dissolve in the alkaline solution of sulfuric acid, dissolved directly after the fiber can be stained. But also because the dye alkaline is too strong, not suitable for dyeing protein fiber. This type of dye chromatography is relatively homogeneous, low price, good color fastness, but shade is not bright.SD-Type Cationic Dyes

Disperse dyes: This type of dye in the water solubility is very low, the particles are very fine, in the dye was a dispersion, are non-ionic dyes, mainly used for polyester dyeing, the color fastness higher.

Acid dyes: This type of dye is water-soluble, mostly containing sulfonic acid, carboxyl and other water-soluble genes. Can be in acid, weak acid or neutral medium directly on the protein fiber, but poor wet fastness.

Paint: suitable for all fibers, through the resin mechanical attachment fiber, dark fabric will harden, but the color is very accurate, most of the fastness fastness, good washing fastness, especially in the light.SD-Type Cationic Dyes