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SD-Type Cationic Dyes

Aug 29, 2017

               Cationic dye is a kind of rich and gaudy water-soluble dye, specially used for dyeing and printing of acrylic fiber and modified polyester. According to its application performance can be divided into ordinary, X, SD, D type four categories.

               SD-type cationic dye: good leveling, high temperature resistance, and liquid dye stability, not easy to condense. Especially suitable for the dyeing of light acrylic fiber and modified polyester, can also be dyed with disperse dyes and polyester/nitrile blended fabric, but also with acid dyes in the same bath dyed wool/nitrile blended fabric. Its varieties are yellow SD-5GL, golden Sd-gl, Red sd-5gn, SD-GRL, Blue Sd-gsl, Blue sd-bl, Black sd-rl, black sd-o and so on.SD-Type Cationic Dyes

                 X-type cationic dye: good uniformity, suitable for acrylic yarn, nitrile blended fabrics dyeing. Its variety has yellow x-8gl, golden X-gl, Red x-grl, Blue x-grl, Blue x-grrl, Blue x-bl, Black x-o, Black x-2rl, black FDL and so on.

                Ordinary cationic dyes: Sun, washing fastness, suitable for medium and deep acrylic knitted underwear, loose fiber, shallow, medium and deep yarn dyeing and acrylic blanket printing. Its varieties are yellow 7GL, red 2GL, pink FG, Yan Blue RL, Turquoise GB and so on.

                   D-Type cationic dyes: Has the characteristics of removable white, extraction. Suitable for printing. Its varieties are yellow d-2rl, orange d-brl, Red d-tl, Blue D-2gl, Black D-wgl, black d-ho and so on.SD-Type Cationic Dyes

                  cationic dyes are developed with the development of petrochemical industry, the 1950s with the appearance of acrylonitrile fiber, Swiss Geigy company and Germany's Bayer company have developed a cationic dye for acrylonitrile fiber. In the early 60, China also developed and produced the first generation of various cationic dyes. The second generation of X-type cationic dye was developed in the 70 's, which enlarged the spectrum range, improved the dyeing performance and considered the compatibility of ternary color. The third generation M-type cationic dye was produced in the 70 's, which is called the migrating cationic dye, which can be applied to all kinds of acrylonitrile fiber dyeing.SD-Type Cationic Dyes