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Rubbing Fastness

Dec 16, 2016

Dyed fabrics of friction divided into dry and wet rubbing fastness of the two. Friction which is used for white cloth fabrics, cloth staining, the latter with white cloth with water 100% friction fabric, cloth staining. Wet friction is caused by the friction force and the role of water, the wet rubbing fastness are generally lower than dry rubbing fastness.

Rubbing fastness of fabric depends primarily on the floating, dyes and fibers of both and the uniformity of dye penetration. If dyes fibers Covalent, fastness to rubbing it higher. Often impacts the rubbing fastness of dye used to stain concentration, high concentration of dye and tends to float, then rubbing fastness. Rubbing fastness by "the stained color, grey scale," according to five-nine grade business rating, level is worst, five is best.

Perspiration fastness and colour fastness to chlorine bleaching on the five-level rating.

Assessing colour fastness of dye, textile dye provides color concentration should be compared to, this is due to the different dye concentrations, will make measurements of fastness is also different. Relevant methods of test for colour fastness of the dyed fabric, should be carried out according to the methods prescribed by the State, fastness standards are national standards shall prevail.