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Processing Properties Of Cationic Dyes

Sep 26, 2017

     Sulfone is a series of aromatic polyamide fibers, the scientific name is Polyphenylene sulfone to benzoyl amine fiber, our country has independent intellectual property rights. Aramid Fiber is a fibre with heat, high strength, chemical stability, radiation resistance and electrical insulating properties, its molecular structure is structured and has high crystallinity and orientation degree.Cationic Dyes

     Based on its high performance and excellent processing performance, products are mainly used in special uniforms, fire suits and other protective products, high temperature resistant filter materials and electric paper, Aramid Fiber due to its crystallinity and orientation, the interaction between the group of strong, dyeing more difficult, using disperse dyes high temperature and high pressure dyeing, dyeing color dim and dyeing rate is not high , the paper uses the cationic dye carrier staining method to screen out the non-toxic and tasteless environmental protection carrier, and carries on the process optimization experiment.Cationic Dyes

    The principle of carrier staining is to use organic matter similar to fiber structure, the first enters the fiber interior, dissolves the fiber, reduces the fabric structure the tightness degree, causes the dye to spread and dye. The high temperature and high pressure accelerates the dye molecule movement, promotes the fiber macromolecular chain segment movement, in order to facilitate the dye. Cationic Dyes

    The ideal carrier should be non-toxic, odorless, environmental protection, The dye effect is good, does not reduce the affinity of dyes, does not affect the color and fastness, easy to wash away, low cost of substances. From table 1, we use 3 kinds of carrier staining.Cationic Dyes

    There are some differences in the color characteristics of dyed fabrics with different carrier, it is indicated that the different carriers have a certain influence on the shade of cationic dye dyed fabric. Because of the volatile irritant odor of acetophenone and benzyl alcohol, and the environmental protection problem, it chooses non-toxic and tasteless environmental carrier Levegal C45 to carry on the process optimization test.Cationic Dyes