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Preparation Of Liquid Cationic Dyes

Jul 31, 2017

                The synthetic industry has made impressive achievements since 20th century. With the development of science and technology, people have put forward higher requirements to dye industry, among which the commercialization of existing commercial dyes is more and more applied to dye production. Liquid dyes due to the progress of commodity processing technology, the emergence of various types of auxiliaries and their superior application can be developed rapidly, many foreign dye companies are vigorously developing liquid dyes, and has achieved remarkable results. In this paper, the preparation of high concentration and stable liquid (alkaline, cationic) dyes and the application of Nonionic surfactant solubilization are studied. The production of commercial dyes is generally treated by salting out process, and the solubility of solid dyes in water is low because of the high salt content.Liquid Cationic Dyes

                This article mainly on the commercial dye alkaline yellow o, alkaline orange, alkaline brown, alkaline blue B, alkaline blue R, alkaline brilliant blue bo, alkaline crystal violet, alkaline green and cationic x-8gl, using 10~20%naoh aqueous solution to remove salt, then using benzene or toluene extract base dyes, the dry base dye dissolved in the low carbon chain organic acid (formic acid, acetic acid), methanol, water and nonionic surfactant in the mixed solution can get high concentration of liquid dyes. In addition, in order to improve the stability of liquid dyes and solubility in water, the interaction of polyoxyethylene ether Nonionic surfactant (NP-15, NP-21, NP-30, OS-15, EL-5, EL-15, EL-40, A-10, A-20, T-80) with liquid dyes was also studied.Liquid Cationic Dyes

                The results showed that alkaline yellow o, alkaline orange, alkaline brown, alkaline blue B, alkaline blue R, Alkaline blue Bo, cationic x-8gl, and solubility in acetic acid solution were better than formic acid solution. Add the appropriate amount of auxiliaries (NP-15, NP-21, NP-30, OS-15, T-80, EL-40) after the high concentration of stable liquid alkaline yellow o, liquid alkaline orange, liquid alkaline brilliant blue bo, liquid alkaline blue B, liquid alkaline blue R, Liquid alkaline crystalline violet, liquid alkaline green and liquid cation yellow x-8gl, at low temperature conditions ( -18℃) placed more than 2 months without precipitation, and can be better dissolved in water to obtain clarification of transparent solution.Liquid Cationic Dyes