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Liquid Cationic Dyes

Aug 29, 2017

                1, the dye in different solvents in different solubility, dissolved by temperature, resin performance, solvent purity and so on. Before use, according to the respective process requirements, first experiment to understand its solubility in this solvent. 2, the dye dissolved, long-term placement will have a trace of material precipitation, so take time to use 300-400 mesh filter to prevent the separation of substances into the next process. 3, when dissolved, the solvent is added into the dissolved container, and then the dye in batches, add after the continuous stirring for a few minutes, stay for 1-2 hours, and then stir again, static precipitation. If there is not soluble dye, can add a proper amount of solvents, extract usable dyes to pour away the remaining useless impurities. 4, in the use, should pay attention to the choice of the best solvent and dissolution method, otherwise cause the color fine can precipitate many, the dye content is low, the dyeing depth is different.Liquid Cationic Dyes

                Solvent Dye 1) This series of varieties have powder and liquid two, liquid color concentration of about 30%; 2) excellent solubility, a wide range of solvent selection, 3 and a variety of resins have good compatibility; 4 bright colors; 5) have excellent acid, alkali and heat resistance, 6 free heavy metal; 7) liquid dye (color fine) easy to use, no dust pollution.Liquid Cationic Dyes

                The water-based dyes using foreign advanced technology, after years of development, is currently the most high-quality waterborne transparent dyes. With better brightness, high transparency, high tinting strength. The product non-toxic low salt, excluding international banned products, content is up to RoHS standards, color slurry does not contain, heavy metals in line with EN71 related requirements. Do not need solvent dilution, can directly add water or alcohol and water-based propionic acid, water-based resins have excellent miscibility. Love card Music environment-friendly alcohol water amphoteric Liquid dye is a high-performance non-ferrous substances, containing special anchoring groups of active components and non-toxic solvents, the general market to Diazo (DIAZO) and coupling (COUPLE) made of dyes, have better physical properties! From the selection of solvent raw materials to the finished product solvent components control, are strictly non-toxic, environmental protection. Meet the needs of the human body in direct contact with cigarette packs and food packaging. is currently the most environmentally friendly dyes, with the European and American imports of similar products, with the same quality more affordable prices.Liquid Cationic Dyes