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Dyes Application

Dec 16, 2016

1. fibers properties select dyes fibers because of their different nature, when adapted to the need to use dyes. When such as dyeing, because of its molecular structure contains many hydrophilic hydroxyl, easy to absorb moisture expansion, can react with the reactive group, and alkali-resistant, so you can choose directly, reducing, sulfide, icing dyes and reactive dyes. Polyester high hydrophobicity, not alkali-resistant at high temperatures, generally should not be used more than dyes, dyed with disperse dyes should be selected.

2. According to uses select dyes due to pollutants for different purposes, so the fastness of dyed product is also different. Wash cloth such as curtain is not usually, but constant exposure to sunlight, dyed, you should choose higher light fastness of dye. As a lingerie and summer wear light fabrics, due to frequent washing, Sun, so choose resistance to washing and drying, sweat-resistant dyes of high fastness.

3. According to the cost of dye used in select the dye, the dye, not only on the shade and fastness, taking into account the cost, supply of used dyes and auxiliaries. As a higher-priced dye should as far as possible take into account can have the same effect of other dyes used to substitute, in order to reduce production costs.