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Dyeing Properties Of X-Type Cationic Dyes

Sep 26, 2017

     Aiming at the problem of poor dyeing effect of dyed polyester knitted fabric with atmospheric boiling dye, the color instability and the hardness after heat setting, the improvement effect of additive additives on dyeing and heat setting was analyzed. The results show that under the temperature of 90 ℃, the dyeing of Min, the selection of the ac-g105 with plasticizing effect, in the optimal dosage of 5/conditions can make the dye dyeing rate from about 60% to 90% or so, and solve the cationic dye black x-o dye black, green color.X-Type Cationic Dyes

     At the same time, the study shows that before the heat setting, the fabric is treated by using $number/fiber high temperature protective agent DP-9810, because DP-9810 has similar protective effect of insulating layer, in the setting temperature 140~190℃ range, the transverse shrinkage rate of fabric can be reduced from about 32% to 10%. and the fabric to maintain the original soft, Peng let go feeling.X-Type Cationic Dyes

      Cationic Dye dyeable Polyester (CDP) is an important modified variety of polyester fiber, common CDP in the dyeing need high-temperature (120~140℃), high pressure or adding carrier to have a better dyeing property. In recent years, the development of atmospheric boiling dye dyeable polyester is a new type of CDP, it can be dyed under normal pressure, but the fiber dyed dark effect is relatively poor, especially when dyed black, polarization phenomenon is serious, complementary dyes almost no help, and the greater the amount of dye, light shade green trend is more serious X-Type Cationic Dyes

    The other drawback is that the fiber is poor in heat resistance, in the dyeing and finishing process often because of medium and high temperature conditions to make the fabric feel hard or serious deformation, loss of the fiber itself soft, gloss good characteristics.X-Type Cationic Dyes

    The key of new type of CDP low temperature dyeing is to increase the degree of plasticizing and expansion, reduce the glass temperature and accelerate the diffusion speed of dye in fiber. The dyeing agent ac-g105 has a significant effect on the new type of CDP, which can increase the activity ability of the fiber Macromolecular chain segment, make the fiber structure slack, and be propitious to the low temperature dyeing of cationic dyes, and can guarantee the shade and the depth of dyeing.X-Type Cationic Dyes