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Dye Name

Dec 16, 2016

Described above, various dyes, not only the number, and the nature and use of each type of dye methods also vary. In order to facilitate the identification and control, unified naming method of dye has been formally adopted. Whenever you see the dye's name, you probably know what kind of dye is dye, as well as its color, luster, and so on. The naming of dyes used in our country three sections named laws, dye name consists of three parts, namely, the Crown says, and endnotes.

1. dye based mainly on its application method or property names, such as dispersion, restore, active, direct, and so on.

2. color said the dye according to the standard method of fabric after dyeing the color name, generally have the following four methods

(1) adopt some general physical names, such as red, green, blue, etc.

(2) plants, such as orange, pink, green, rose, and so on.

(3) is indicated by a natural phenomenon, such as sky blue, yellow, etc.

(4) animal names, mouse grey, yellow.

3. the endnote says shade of dye, performance, status, concentration and application fabrics,

-Like letters and numbers represent.

Dye's three sections named laws, use more convenient. For example VAT violet RR, you can tell this is purple with red VAT dyes, the Crown is restored, color is purple, r for red, two heavier r stands for red.