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Dec 16, 2016

Dyes coloring substances is able to make fibers and other materials, both natural and synthetic categories. Dyes are colored substances. But color material is not necessarily a dye.

Dye was able to make a certain color attached to the fibers of the material, and less loss and discoloration. Dyes are usually soluble in water, some dyes require a mordant dye adhered on fiber. Archaeological data shows that dyeing technology in India and has over 5,000 years of history in the Middle East. When dye came from the flora and fauna or minerals, very little processing.

1856 Perkin invented the first synthetic dye-purple-ponytail, identified a new discipline of organic chemistry--chemical dyes. The year in the 1950 of the 20th century. Pattee and Stephen found that Dichloro-triazine-containing groups of dye in alkaline conditions, hydroxyl groups bonded with the fiber marked color dyes fibers from process development to chemical processes, creating a synthesis of reactive dyes during the application. Dyes are not just limited to the dyeing and printing of textiles, paint, plastic, leather, optical communications, food and many other sectors.