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Coloring Characteristics Of Blend Cationic Dyes

Oct 27, 2017

Both the coloring characteristics of conventional dyes and the emission of fluorescence can improve the saturation and brightness of the fabric. At the same time, cationic dyes are special dyes for acrylic fiber. Cationic dye rich and gaudy, for many of the increase in luster acidic dyes, especially gold, red and orange varieties.Blend Cationic Dyes 

Cationic fluorescent dyes are applied to the dyeing of acrylic fabric, which shows that the dyed fabrics have the effect of emitting orange fluorescence. A new type of styrene-based pyridine salts compound was studied, which was applied to the dyeing of acrylic fabric and found that the dyed fabrics had the effect of emitting blue-green fluorescence.Blend Cationic Dyes

The fluorescence emission spectra of the samples were transient/steady-state fluorescence spectrophotometer. Dye dyeing percentage: using residual liquid colorimetric method, ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer to determine the absorbance of dye. Dyeing fabric fastness to washing color determination of dyeing with the prescribed fabric stitching, placed in washtec-p type washable. First, the bromine ethane into the 250ml single neck flask, add 150ml anhydrous ethanol as a solvent, stir until mixed and then add 4-methyl pyridine, slowly heating up to reflux temperature, reflux stirring 20 hours, after the reaction by rotating evaporation.Blend Cationic Dyes

Acrylic is hydrophobic fiber, generally ternary copolymer, the structure of high regularity, dye diffusion following the free volume model, dye in about 85 ℃ began to dye, which is related to the glass of acrylic fiber temperature. As the temperature rises, the dye molecule is adsorbed on the fiber macromolecular chain, when the temperature exceeds the glass temperature of the acrylic fiber, the molecular chain movement intensifies, the tiny hole is merged into the larger hole, and the dye molecule jumps up and spreads along these changing holes.Blend Cationic Dyes