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Color Fastness

Dec 16, 2016

Dyeing refers to the stained fabric in use or later in the process, dye or pigment under the influence of outside factors and ability to keep the original color.

Dyeing fastness of dyed finished one of the most important quality, easily faded colour fastness and dyeing fastness of the fade. Fastness depends in large part on its chemical structure. In addition, physical condition, the degree of dispersion of dye on the fiber, dye, dyeing with fiber adhesion method and condition also have a significant impact.

Fastness is multifaceted, and for consumers, tend to be mainly include: Sun, washing, perspiration, rubbing, washing, ironing, flue gas fastness. In addition, the use or processing of different textiles, their fastness requirements are not the same. In order to quality inspection products, used in the textile sector and the business sector in the light fabric, developed a set of color fastness test methods and standards.