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Classification And Safe Use Of Blend Cationic Dyes

Jul 02, 2017

     Cationic dyes can be classified according to the application performance and chemical structure type. According to the applicability of China, the existing dyes are classified into ordinary, X and M types. According to the chemical structure, the composition of the cationic charge in the dye molecule is different from that of the dye-hair-colored group. Cationic Red GTL is a dark red powder, soluble in water, dark red, in the concentrated sulfuric acid is red orange, diluted into red, dyed acrylic is dark red. Using N-ethyl aniline hydroxyethyl, chlorination, amination, 2-chloro-Nitroaniline Diazo is coupled with the above-mentioned amides, then methylated, filtered and dried. The printing and dyeing of acrylic fiber and its blended fabric can also be used for the dyeing of modified acrylic, polyester, and acetate fabric.Blend Cationic Dyes
    Cationic Dye is a special dye for acrylonitrile fiber, the staining method is in the weak acid (ph value of about 4.5) in the bathtub, acetic acid and sodium acetate as a buffer, in the presence of dielectric and appropriate additives, near boiling dyeing. The dyeing mechanism can be divided into three steps: (1) The dye cation in the dye bath is adsorbed on the fiber surface. (2) dye cation is diffused from the surface of the fiber to the inside. (3) The dye cation and the fiber contain anion group into salt bonding. Under normal dyeing conditions, the last step of salt-forming is irreversible, which can result in high fastness and unevenness of staining. The two-step reaction is fast, the second step spreads slowly, it determines the whole dyeing speed. Because of the affinity between dye and fiber, in order to achieve uniform dyeing effect, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature of the bath, ph value, electrolyte, slow dyeing agent.Blend Cationic Dyes
    How to use cationic dyes safely? In papermaking, leather, grass weaving, rayon, cotton fabric dyeing and printing industries to use cationic dyes, in use to standardize the operation, the following for everyone to explain the use of cationic dyes notice. The use of cationic dye occasions to do a good job of fire, explosion-proof measures, such as fire can be sprayed with water to extinguish, but also can use dry powder or other fire extinguishers. Wear clothing and gloves when used, wear protective glasses, and do not eat food or smoke at work. The hands of cationic dyes, can be washed with bleach or methanol cleaning, wash a few times can wash hands.Blend Cationic Dyes