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Characteristics Of Liquid Cationic Dyes

Sep 26, 2017

     The cationic fixing agent was prepared with Epichlorohydrin, dimethyl amine and two vinyl amine as raw material, and the effect of molar ratio of raw materials, reaction temperature and reaction time on product performance was studied. Liquid Cationic Dyes

     The results show that n (epichlorohydrin): N (dimethylamino): N (ethylene diamine) = 1.3:1:0.15, temperature control in the 20~25℃, heating up to 70 ℃, the reaction of the cationic fixing agent 5h is good effect. The optimum fixing color condition is: fixing agent dosage is 2, ph value is 7, fixing color temperature is 60 ℃. After fixing color rubbing and soaping fastness can increase 0.5 ~ 1.5.Liquid Cationic Dyes

     Reactive dyes with bright color, complete chromatography, good dyeing, simple process, low price and so on, cotton fabric dyeing mainly reactive dyes dyeing, but the dye deep concentrated color will often be due to high concentration and the amount of active dye is limited, The free dye and the hydrolyzed dye on the fiber will cause the dyeing fixation rate to decline, the washing property is poor, resulting in the dyeing fastness, and will increase the consumption of dyes and water and electricity energy.Liquid Cationic Dyes

    Therefore, the dyeing fastness of dyed cotton fabric should be improved after dyeing with a fixing agent. The optimum synthesis process was determined by the investigation of raw material proportioning, reaction temperature and reaction time, and it was used for fixing color of dyed fabric with reactive dyes, and the process of fixing color was determined.Liquid Cationic Dyes

    The fabric is impregnated in a solid-color bath, and the 30min is fixed at a certain temperature to remove the washing and drying. Test the color fastness of the fabric after fixation and the color fastness of soaping.Liquid Cationic Dyes