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Cationic Dyes

Aug 29, 2017

               In dyeing, there is also a constant temperature dyeing timid. The isothermal dyeing method is to select an appropriate temperature in the temperature range of the glass temperature above and below the boiling point of the acrylic fiber as a fixed temperature of constant temperature. In this constant temperature, with 45~90min basic finish dye dyeing, and then in the boiling point for a short time processing, so that the dye completely solid, to achieve the highest dyeing fastness. The key to dyeing with this method is to select a reasonable temperature on the temperature, at which the acrylic fiber into the dye bath dyeing without sudden dyeing, but in the whole process of constant temperature dye is on the ground dye. When the temperature phase is over, the dyeing rate of the fiber is better than 80%, so that it can be heated to the boiling point to make the dye solid. Using constant temperature dyeing method is not easy to dye flowers, uniform color, easy to operate, and dyeing time is short, so in actual production application more.Cationic Dyes

               The composition of the dye-dyed liquid is similar to that of dye, in addition to containing dyes, acetic acid, sodium acetate, Glauber's sulfate, cationic slow dye, etc. The dissolution of dyes and dye preparation and dyeing is similar. 60℃ began dyeing, dyeing 4 after heating to 98~100℃, boiling dye 8o~90min, and then hot washing, soaping, hot washing, warm washing. The equipment used should be able to automatically adjust the tension of the equal-speed coil dyeing machine, so that the fabric in the dyeing process of the tension as small as possible, otherwise affect the fabric feel.Cationic Dyes

               Pad dyeing and dyeing are mainly used for acrylic fiber bundles, tops and acrylic blended fabrics. The acrylic fabric is easily deformed by heat, so it is rarely used for rolling dyeing. The process of rolling dyeing has steam steaming and hot melt method, this section mainly introduces the hot melt dyeing of polyester nitrile blended fabric.Cationic Dyes