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Cationic Dyes

Dec 16, 2016

Cationic dyes (cationic dyes) is a kind of textile dyes, also known as base basic dyes and dyes. Dissolved in water are cation, cationic dyes are soluble in water, ionized in aqueous, dye with a positively charged ion. Dye cations combine with acidic groups third monomer in the fabric dyeing and fibers, are special dyes for dyeing of acrylic fibers, and has good color fastness to light of high intensity, bright colours, and so on.

Cationic dyes is produced with the development of petrochemical industry in the 1950 of the 20th century with the emergence of acrylics, Switzerland Geigy company and Germany's Bayer company has developed for cationic dyes fibers of acrylonitrile. In 60, followed in the early research on the development and production of the first generation variety of cationic dyes. 70 and to develop the second generation x-type cationic dye, expanded the range of color, improving dyeing properties, taking into account the compatibility between three colors. 70-trial production of third-generation m-type cationic dye, called transfer of cationic dyes, can be applied to a variety of acrylic fiber dyeing.

Producing dyes of the developed world, the production of cationic dyes and acid dyes production dye of the sum total of 10%. Output of 90 's of the last century and statistics of domestic cationic dyes with more than 2000 tons/year, only more 1% dye production, and partly for export. X-type cationic dye colors and output of cationic pink FG and Red 5GN for larger breeds.