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Analysis Of The Composition And Harmfulness Of Liquid Cationic Dyes

Jul 02, 2017

    Cationic Dye is the most commonly used slow dye agent, mostly cationic surfactants, such as 1227 surfactant (leveling agent Tan), 1631 surfactant (leveling agent Shan State). Cationic slow dyeing agent has affinity to acrylic fiber. For smaller molecules and less affinity with the fiber cationic slow dye, because of the fast diffusion rate, the first to occupy the dye on the fiber, such as dye cation into the fiber, due to slow dye and fiber affinity is less than the affinity between dye and fiber, will gradually be replaced by dyes, so as to reduce the rate of dyeing. This type of slow dye dosage can not be too large, otherwise it will make the dye concentrated in the late dyeing, but cause dyeing unevenness.Liquid Cationic Dyes
    For the complex molecular structure, and fiber affinity with a larger cationic slow dye, dyeing with cationic dyes, thus reducing the dye rate of cationic dyes, but because the cationic slow dye in the fiber occupies a certain position of staining, so that the percentage of cationic dyes to reduce the dye. The higher the dosage of this kind of cationic slow dye, the more obvious the effect of slow dyeing, but the lighter the color of dye. Cationic slow dye dosage according to the nature and concentration of dyes used, the K-value of small dyes or dyed light-colored, cationic slow dye dosage is higher, to K-value of the dye or dye deep concentrated color, slow dye dosage is lower. Cationic slow dye to acrylic fiber also has a saturation value, and cationic dyes are also compatible with the value of the problem, the affinity of higher cationic dyes should use a higher affinity cationic slow dye agent. In the staining prescription, the dosage of cationic slow dye and cationic dye should not exceed the dyeing saturation value of the fiber.Liquid Cationic Dyes
   cationic dyes are harmless to human body after dyeing, but cationic dyes use many chemicals which are harmful to human body and environment in the process of production and dyeing. Therefore, both in the production and dyeing process should be based on different varieties of raw materials and dyeing processes produced by waste water, waste gas and other waste to take stringent measures to protect, in strict accordance with the requirements of environmental protection indicators of governance and discharge.Liquid Cationic Dyes