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Wastewater by coagulation treatment

Dec 16, 2016

Decoloration of dye wastewater treatment, due to economic reasons by using methods often fail to meet treatment requirements. In addition, dye wastewater not only color but also including SS, COD, BOD, a number of indicators requirements. By coagulation decolorization-CASS technology, is mainly based on biochemistry, supplemented by Geophysical and biological combined processes, not only removes most of the color, and is not available for parts of biochemistry of high concentrations of COD removal efficiency of organic matter better. Liu Jingchang [21] through the research, this technology is used in the wastewater treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater of knitting wool chroma, removal of COD has a good removal rate up to 91.85 81.89%~87.58% and%~97.49%, respectively, pH and SS removal rate of 5.81%~7.79% and 7.18~24.49%, respectively, between treated wastewater can meet the State discharge standards.

Tannery waste water containing dyes, oils, organic solvents, phenols, and surfactants and other pollutants, if only a single process is often difficult to meet emissions standards, often in actual wastewater treatment project is using a variety of methods in order to give full play to the advantages of various treatment processes, achieve the best results. Zheng Xinping [22] by coagulating sedimentation-bio-treatment of wastewater from wet-blue leather leather. Engineering practice showed that the method for wastewater COD and BOD removal rate of up to 94% per cent, and decolorization of wastewater from good results.