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Reduced dye

Aug 13, 2018

The vat dye does not contain azo dyes which will cleave 22 carcinogenic aromatic amines under certain conditions, not allergic dyes, carcinogenic dyes and acute toxic dyes, do not contain environmental hormones, and the chromaticity of wastewater is low when used. An alternative to dyes. However, from the analysis of environmental and ecological protection requirements, there are many retort dye manufacturing steps, complex synthesis reactions, and sometimes organic halides such as polychlorinated benzene are used as solvents and heavy metals and their derivatives as catalysts. Therefore, their environmental and ecological pollution has been The issues of concern to the public.

BASF's Indanthren Colloisol dyes, Ciba Electrification's Cibanone MD dyes, Bezema's Benzathren micro dyes and Mitsui BASF's Mikethrene s/f dyes have all met environmentally friendly dye requirements.

Shanghai Dyestuff's SM type vat dye not only does not contain banned dyes, but also extracts heavy metals below the limit value, does not contain environmental hormones, does not contain environmentally harmful chemicals, etc. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to banned dyes. Type vat dye.