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Chinese dye naming term

Aug 08, 2018

1 title

Direct, direct fast, direct copper blue, direct diazo, acidic, weakly acidic, acidic complex, acidic medium, neutral, cationic, active, reducing, soluble reduction, dispersion, vulcanization, chromophore, phenol, color blue , soluble vulcanization, fast pigmentation, oxidation, polycondensation, blending, etc.

2 color is tender yellow, yellow, golden, dark yellow, orange, red, red, pink, rose, magenta, red purple, red, purple, turquoise, lake blue, brilliant blue, dark blue, green, brilliant green, deep Green, yellow brown, red brown, brown, dark brown, olive green, grass green, gray, black and so on.

3 color light B- with blue or blue light; G- with yellow or green light; R- with red light color quality F- means color light pure; D- means dark or slightly dark; T- means deep.