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Biological methods

Dec 16, 2016

Bio-degradation of wastewater by microbial metabolism, unsaturated bonds damaged dyes and chromophore and its decoloration and degradation, traditional biological treatment methods are divided into aerobic, anaerobic, anaerobic-aerobic method. Sewage treatment technology of development and further research on dye wastewater treatment technology, many new technologies for sewage treatment in dye wastewater treatment step by step in the field of research and application. Enhanced biological technology, including high concentrations of activated sludge, biological activated carbon technology (PACT), and membrane separation technologies bioreactor with a combination of biochemical reaction system of membrane bioreactor.

Using a modified bio-treatment of cationic dye wastewater by UASB reactor experiment results show that water inlet COD concentration is 2400~4000mg/L, chroma 7500~12,500 times, HRT2.0d condition, COD removal rate is 50%~70% and chroma removal rate above 98% and good aerobic biodegradation of the effluent. By UV-visible absorption Spectra reveal the organic matter in waste water (COD) and chroma removal depends on microbial degradation.