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Application in decolorization of dye wastewater by coagulation treatment

Dec 16, 2016

With the development of industries, has become the leading printing and dyeing wastewater by harmful, difficult to deal with one of the industrial waste water. Along with the development of the dye industry and finishing technology advances, new types of additives, dyes, finishes, is widely used in the dyeing and finishing industry, further compounding the difficulty for decolorization of printing and dyeing wastewater processing. Belongs to contains a certain amount of printing and dyeing wastewater toxic organic wastewater containing residues of dye, dyeing auxiliaries, acid and alkali, and some heavy metals, residual dyes and auxiliaries which constitutes the main component of organic pollutants in wastewater, and wastewater treatment with a special color. so, how to make the decolorization of printing and dyeing wastewater is to address important issues, study on the decoloration of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment of important issues.

Add a material to the wastewater by coagulation, by physical or chemical action, turned the previously dissolved in water or subtle, difficult to sedimentation, filtering pollutants together into larger particles, so that methods of separation. Dyeing wastewater processing of method many, physical method including adsorption method, and film separation technology, and ultrasonic gas vibration method, and high energy physics method; chemical method including chemical mixed gel method, and ozone oxidation method, Fenton reagents oxidation method, and wet type air oxidation method, and Super critical water oxidation method, and burning method; electrochemical method including electric mixed gel method, and electrical floating method, and electric oxidation method, and micro-electrolytic method; light chemical oxidation method including light decomposition, and light inspired oxidation, and light Catalytic oxidation,. Coagulation with low cost, advantages of simple and effective operation, becoming an important means of industrial water and waste water treatment.